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Kobra Klutch is a way for me to throw shows for bands I respect, bands I support, bands I like (or don't like), bands I think kids in the area may want to know about or check out, and just a positive place for kids to come hang out, dance, do whatever, and to maybe leave an impression upon kids that there is something greater to this life, that there is something more to be offered them:  Jesus.

My primary focus of shows is hardcore/metal, but I do work with other genres of music simply because there is an audience for some other genres.  However, the shows I'm always most happy to do are the hardcore shows.  There is just more passion, energy, and heart.  So if you want your band to play, email me.

Lastly, this isn't about profit (because I don't make much), and this really isn't mine...  this is yours.  Come to the shows, get involved, be a part of this. God bless.

- Scott