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04.27.10 @ Annapolis KofC:
Carrying the Fire

03.02.10 @ The MACC:
Continuance, Take It Back!, Ambush!, Galatians

11.28.09 @ St. Christopher's:
Back to the Garden

09.18.09 @ St. Christopher's:
Ascendings, Death of a Thane

08.03.09 @ Sonar:
Sleeping Giant

04.21.09 @ The MACC:
Saints Never Surrender, Venia

03.20.09 @ RTBC:
For Today, A Plea For Purging

01.14.09 @ The MACC:
A Plea For Purging, Nor the Arrow

10.31.08 @ The MACC:
War of Ages, Advent, Death of a Thane,
Age Sixteen

10.23.08 @ Annapolis KofC:
For Today, Call to Preserve,
One Step Too Many

08.31.08 @ St. Christopher's:
Advent, Death of a Thane, This Message,
The Side Affects, The Given

08.24.08 @ The MACC:
Wrench in the Works, Letter to the Exiles

06.19.08 @ Annapolis KofC:
For Today

06.17.08 @ St. Christopher's:
Means, Letter to the Exiles

06.04.08 @ St. Christopher's:
A Plea For Purging, Death of a Thane

05.23.08 @ St. Christopher's:
Take it Back!, Gray Lines of Perfection

05.20.08 @ RTBC:
xLooking Forwardx, Flatfoot 56

04.22.08 @ Annapolis KofC:
Impending Doom, The Given

04.11.08 @ St. Christopher's:
Andover, A Stained Glass Romance,
Tears From the Sky, Whisteria Cottage

03.16.08 @ St. Christopher's:
Means, Letter to the Exiles

02.22.08 @ Bay Area Community Church:
Life In Your Way, Once Nothing,
Advent, Our Last Night

02.17.08 @ Annapolis KofC:
War of Ages, Wrench in the Works,
Arise and Ruin

10.28.07 @ Annapolis KofC:
xLooking Forwardx, War of Ages,
Life In Your Way, The Last Hope, FBS,
The Murder Rehearsal

07.10.07 @ Annapolis KofC:
Counting The Days, Pulling Teeth,
Permanent, Get Big, Trapped Under Ice

07.08.07 @ St. Christopher's:
xLooking Forwardx, War of Ages,
Seventh Star, Call to Preserve

06.19.07 @ St. Christopher's:
Becoming The Archetype, Aletheian,
The Trade, Bloodspattered Satisfaction

06.10.07 @ Annapolis KofC:
xLooking Forwardx, Ruiner,
Counting the Days, The Trade,
One Step Too Many, Richard Dawson's Creek

05.27.07 @ St. Christopher's:
Alove For Enemies, Attack At Dawn,
Your Eyes My Dreams

05.06.07 @ St. Christopher's:
Life In Your Way, Your Eyes My Dreams

04.29.07 @ St. Christopher's:
xDEATHSTARx, Attack At Dawn

03.09.2007 @ St. Christopher's:
War of Ages, xDEATHSTARx, Means, Kingston Falls

03.02.2007 @ St. Christopher's:
Alove For Enemies, One Step Too Many

02.27.2007 @ St. Christopher's:
Seventh Star

12.16.2006 @ St. Christopher's:
xLooking Forwardx, Counting The Days, Attack at Dawn, The Last Hope, INVU, One Step Too Many

09.29.2006 @ St. Christopher's:
xLooking Forwardx, Ruiner, Counting The Days, Radio War

08.27.2006 @ Annapolis KofC:
xDEATHSTARx, Counting The Days, NickXFury

08.03.2006 @ Annapolis KofC:
Seventh Star, Alove For Enemies, INVU

07.25.2006 @ RTBC:
War of Ages, Alove For Enemies, Imperial, One Step Too Many

06.22.2006 @ RTBC:
xLOOKING FORWARDx, Ten 33, One Step Too Many

05.05.2006 @ RTBC:
Alove For Enemies

04.28.2006 @ RTBC:
xDEATHSTARx, Counting The Days, NickXFury

04.10.2006 @ Annapolis KofC:
Alove For Enemies, NickXFury, Make Your Stand

01.08.2006 @ Annapolis KofC:
Alove For Enemies, NickXFury, Make Your Stand

11.26.2005 @ RTBC:
w/ xLOOKING FORWARDx, Counting The Days, Diamonds in the Rough, Carol, NickXFury

11.05-11.06.2005 @ Annapolis KofC:

10.28.2005 @ Annapolis KofC:
xLOOKING FORWARDx, Diamonds in the Rough

8.22.2005 @ The Gym:
Seventh Star, Nodes Of Ranvier, Embrace The End, Carol

8.10.2005 @ Annapolis KofC:
Bloody Sunday, Ruiner, Ten 33, Black Out

7.10.2005 @ The Gym:
xLooking Forwardx, Seventh Star, Bloodlined Calligraphy, Life In Your Way

All photographs ©2007 Lucas Walther/Martyr Media.